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There are many places worth visiting in the surroundings of the spa. The ZOO and safari in Dvůr Králové is definitely one of the most interesting of them. We can also recommend a trip to the Prachov Rocks, Kuks castle or nearby Krkonoše. 


The highest mountain range in the country is located in north-eastern Bohemia, forms the border with Poland and is unique by its wealth. If offers unbeatable natural and scenic values. 


The most picturesque Czech reservoir on the Labe River near Dvůr Králové is a perfect combination of a technical solution and aesthetic construction. It has been a national technical monument since 1964.


The romantic chateau established in 1350 by Hynek from Valdštejn, sits on majestic sandstone rocks in the middle of the Bohemian Paradise. Skály (Rocks), the original name of the chateau, was later changed to Hrubá Skála, for the reason of distinction from the nearby Malá Skála.


A late baroque chateau that underwent an exceptional reconstruction in 1998, following considerable devastation. According to the legend, Prince Oldrich with his company found abandoned children in the deep local forests, and because of his noble spirit, he had the village of Dětenice built for them.


The well-preserved castle from the mid-14th century is built on a sandstone rock near Sobotka. All four corners of the tower can allegedly be only seen from a single spot.


The Kuks chateau is located in the quiet valley of the upper Labe River, between the towns of Jaroměř and Dvůr Králové. The state chateau is a historic hospital and has actually never been used as a chateau. The nearby Betlém natural gallery is famous for the number of Baroque sights.


This significant, originally Baroque chateau, is located in the north-eastern part of Bohemia, built by the knight Lamotte of Frintropp between 1690 and 1693. Karel Alain Rohan, the later owner, had an extra floor added and initiated other additions.


The ZOO is definitely a unique attraction of the Dvůr Králové area, as it can captivate you by its events and number of animals in any weather.