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Natural peat from Lazne Belohrad

Peat is the basic treatment source in our spa. We use its unique characteristics to make regeneration of painful and strained tissue faster and more efficient. Peat is also beneficial for the skin. 

Our peat deposit is located about 2 km west from the spa, along the road between Lázně Bělohrad and Lány. There is a sediment layer of nearly five metres and a thick marlstone layer below.  The marlstone is cracked and after drilling into these layers, a spring emerged, providing drinking water to the surrounding villages and the town of Jičín. It is indisputable that in the past the water used to penetrate the cracks and peat started forming over the spring areas.  The peat is earthy. 

How is the extracted peat turned into natural medicine? The extracted peat is crushed, water is added and the mixture is heated to the recommended temperature – 39 °C for baths and 42 °C for wraps. 

Warm peat is then used as a wrap, poultice or bath. 

PEAT PROCEDURE EFFECTS are mostly thermal. Peat has a considerable ability to maintain heat (7-8 times higher than water), therefore cooling during procedure is minimal. The body is heated and the following wrap prolongs the time of the body being heated. Heating increases blood flow into tissues, releases muscle tension and reduces pain. Our peat is ideal for treatment of the locomotor system and some gynaecological diseases. 

TREATMENT BY BĚLOHRAD PEAT IS INDICATED for nearly all common locomotor system diseases, such as arthritis, arthrosis, painful spine and skeletal muscle syndromes and some neurological disorders. Gynaecological indications include mostly lesser pelvis post-surgery conditions and some gynaecological disorders.

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