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Questions and Answers

Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions of our patients, clients and those interested in spa care.

Where can I call to find out if you have free capacity for outpatient rehabilitation treatment?

You can get the information by phone at 493 767 600 or in person at the Hotel Janeček reception from 7.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

I had a surgery half a year ago and I have an artificial hip joint. Can I be treated in your facility?

Based on a reference of your orthopaedist, traumatologist or rehabilitation physician, you can be provided complex spa treatment; however, only within 3 months after surgery, or within 6 months if there are complications. After the above deadline following a surgery, you have to pay for your stay yourself. We recommend the KLASIK stay. 

Do you use "mud" for treating rheumatism?

Of course, the natural treatment source in our spa is medicinal peat from the local JASAN deposit. For more information, see the Bělohrad Peat chapter. 

Do you treat spine pain as well?

We treat locomotor disorders that are included in the following indications:

  • VI/3 – Root syndromes with irritation-destructive syndrome (complex or contributory spa treatment based on the recommendation of a neurologist, neurosurgeon or rehabilitation physician); both types of treatment must first be approved by a review physician of your health insurance company
  • VII/9 – Chronic vertebrogenic algic syndrome of functional origin in continuous outpatient or rehabilitation care (complex or contributory spa treatment based on the recommendation of a rehabilitation physician); in this case the treatment also has to be approved by a review physician of your health insurance company. 

Do you also treat post-stroke conditions followed by locomotor system disability?

We do not primarily treat these conditions. 

How are the areas for individual physical exercise separated in your spa?

Each physical therapist has a separated exercise room equipped with electric manipulation bed and rehabilitation tools. 

What does it mean if a flask massage has been recommended to me?

The massage is performed using a glass flask with a rubber balloon (underpressure). This technique improves blood circulation and warms up the massaged area and has a positive effect on sensitive and painful spots. 

Is it possible to do yoga in your facility?

Yoga as such is not done in our facility. However, some yoga elements are used. 

I noticed exercise using large balls in your leaflets. What issues is this type of exercise good for?

Exercise using large balls, the gymnastic balls, is a part of both individual medical exercise as well as the group exercise; it can be used to enhance the deep stabilization system, it has positive effects on spine pains, etc. 

What sports possibilities are there in the spa?

In summer you can use the tennis courts in the Pheasantry park, minigolf course or hire mountain bikes. There is a pool table in the spa premises. 

I've heard about your swimming pool. Is is suitable for normal swimming?

Basically, swimming is possible in any slightly spacious pool. Our swimming pool is a rehabilitation pool, the size is 10 x 20 metres, it is equipped with massage nozzles, underwater bench with an aerator, etc. The water temperature is around 30 °C. The pool is ideal for recreational swimming.

Do you cook diet food?

We offer gall bladder diet, reduction, diabetic and low cholesterol diet as well as diets tailored to the individual needs of the clients with regard to their health (such as gluten-free). 

Is there a possibility of accommodation and procedures under one roof?

Yes, this possibility is available in Hotel Grand, where clients recovering from hip or knee joint replacement are put with priority. In November 2008 the individual hotels were connected by roofed footbridges, therefore it is now possible to walk between the Anna Marie and Janeček hotels and Hotel Grand, where the canteen as well as the whole therapeutic section are located, without walking outside. 

Is there an exchange office available in the spa?

There is a machine changing euros and dollars to Czech crowns at the Tree of Life reception. 

What can we do after procedures? Do you organize any trips?

There are regular concerts, lectures and dance evenings taking place in the spa. Every second Monday of the month, there is a show of Halina Pawlovská and her guests. Plus there are sports possibilities in Lázně Bělohrad (tennis, cycling, hiking, minigolf). We organize local trips using our own minibus.