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Bath with additives

An active substance is added to the bath, which is absorbed in the body well, thanks to ideal blood flow in the skin and subcutis. The additives are herbal or mineral substances supporting blood circulation, eliminating stress and fatigue, relax and stimulate. When a hot bath is applied, muscles are relaxed, joint flexibility is increased, the heat and blood flow improve muscle and joint nourishment. After the bath, the client relaxes in a dry wrap.

Carbon water bath

The procedure is very efficient, using CO2 that covers the body in fine gas bubbles. After the initial sensation of coolness, the bubble shell causes a nice warm feeling due to skin capillary dilation. Carbon dioxide is absorbed through the skin and helps to expand peripheral veins, which improves limb and skin blood flow. This effect results not only in decreased blood pressure and easier heart work, but also in improved skin nutrition, flexibility and hydration.

Hydromassage bath

Baths are carried out in a special professional tub equipped with the Air Jet system, where pressurized air coming through the nozzles massages the whole body. We use several massage plans in order to achieve relaxation and alleviate muscle and mental tension. These baths have a positive effect on muscle fatigue, back and neck pain, chronic post-injury pain and muscle stiffness caused by bad movement stereotypes.  After the bath, the client relaxes in a dry wrap for 20 minutes.

Hand and foot whirling baths

These are baths in special tubs where the most strained parts of both upper and lower limbs are warmed up and blood circulation is increased due to the heat and mechanical effect of the waterflow. On upper limbs, it is focused on small hand joints, the elbow and forearm muscles. It improves mobility, fine motorics and sensation. On lower limbs, we affect small foot joints, ankle and calf muscles. The result is reduction of swelling, increased mobility and besides, painless state is restored.

Alternating foot bath

A system of two tubs is used for this bath, one filled with hot (40 °C) and the other one with cold (14 °C) water. By alternately immersing the feet in water of different temperatures, the foot veins are effectively trained. The procedures eliminates swelling, foot and ankle pain and the nutrition of all tissues improves. Therefore this bath is also recommended to diabetics or clients suffering from varicosity.

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