Upravit stránku


Traditional massage

This massage will help your whole body and mind relax. It enhances superficial vein and lymphatic vein circulation, improves tissue nutrition and alleviates pain. Whether you go for the partial or complete option, the traditional massage is perfect for relaxing the massaged muscles, it enables swelling to absorb and sometimes can have positive effects on headaches. After the massage you will feel very relaxed and positive.

Flask massage

Flask massage is an old Chinese technique of placing warmed flasks on the skin to create negative pressure. After placing, the skin and muscle surface is sucked into the flask and at the same time blood circulation is improved immensely. Unexpected relief can come after just one procedure.

Hydro-Jet machine massage

Dry massage tub. The waterflow massaging your body through a flexible foil increases overall blood circulation and reduces muscle tension. It improves oxygen absorption in the blood stream, reduces the level of toxic substances in the muscles and contributes to faster tissue regeneration. It promotes endorphin production and increases psychological well-being, decreases blood pressure and has a positive effect on the circulatory system.

Machine lymphatic drainage/ Machine Pneuven compress therapy

It is a pleasant procedure that helps to eliminate lower limb swelling, the feeling of "heavy legs" and cellulite. The machine utilizes a gradual pressure wave (separate chambers of a special suit are filled), which enhances the muscle pump. The drainage helps to increase lymph flow and stimulates the drainage of toxic and waste substances accumulated in the subcutis. The procedure is not suitable for people suffering from varicose veins.

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