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Paraffin hand wrap

If you are looking for a way to remove stiffness of your small hand joints and improve fine motorics, paraffin is one of the most efficient methods. The hands are immersed in warm paraffin several times in a row and a paraffin film is formed on the skin. Then the hands are wrapped in a cloth and left in the wrap. Paraffin application significantly improves mobility and reduces pain of small joints. Besides, it improves nail trophics.

Natural peat wrap

We use a layer of several centimetres of heated peat for the peat wrap. The material is placed on selected areas and the whole body is wrapped in a blanket. The heat accumulated in the depth of the tissues causes muscle relaxation and washes out inflammatory elements, which regenerates the tissues. The wrap relaxes muscle tension, alleviates pain and has anti-inflammatory effects. We use it for therapy in arthrosis, arthritis, spine and muscle pain. After the wrap, the client relaxes in a dry wrap.

Natural peat poultice

The peat combs that we use are formed by a thick layer of peat placed between two membranes. The membrane placed on the skin is permeable, which enables direct effect of the natural substances. A heat medium (water pillow) is placed on the non-permeable side of the membrane, ensuring warming up and blood circulation in the treated areas. The peat poultice reduces stress, pain and cramps of the shoulders and upper spine.

Warm wrap relaxation

This procedure follows activities such as massages, baths, peat wraps and the like. The client relaxes for at least 15 minutes in a warm and quiet environment. Relaxing is important, so that after procedures increasing blood flow and body load, blood circulation can stabilize, toxins are drained and body functions are optimized.