Upravit stránku

CO2 application

Gas injections

A small amount of medicinal gas (CO2) is applied by a needle into painful areas in the subcutis around large joints and spine. The gas is absorbed very quickly and improves local blood flow. The application alleviates pain and accelerates wound healing. It is suitable mostly for those suffering from decreased blood flow in the limbs, ischemic heart disease, sacrum pain or degenerative joint and spine disease with painful syndromes. Immediately after application, the patient feels a slight chill at the injection spot but after some time pleasant heat starts spreading from the same spot due to increased blood flow.

Dry carbon wrap

It is a whole-body gas bath, during which the client is closed in a special plastic bag filled with medicinal carbon dioxide, up to their chest or neck. The action of carbon dioxide being absorbed through skin capillaries, veins in the whole body are extended. Blood flow to the brain, heart and parenchymatous organs is improved, blood pressure decreases, swelling is reduced. Thanks to significant blood flow to the skin, cellulite is reduced as well as skin scars. The bath has a positive effect on the locomotor and nervous system, diabetes and osteoporosis. It alleviates migraines and insomnia, and has positive impact on sexual activities.

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