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Nordic walking

NW is a type of walking with special sticks that improves physical fitness. This type of walking engages 90% body muscles. NW trains the circulatory system and strengthens the muscles of lower and upper limbs. Thanks to the sticks, the load on hip and knee joints is moderate. Calorie consumption is up to 50% higher when compared to normal walking. Initial lessons are taught by an instructor.

Flex Machine

Flex machine is intended for lower limb rehabilitation in treatment of post-injury conditions of bones as well as joints, after hip, knee and ankle surgeries – including artificial joints. It is used to loosen up the limb and increase its mobility range. 

Stationary bicycles

Stationary bicycles, camopeds or pedals help to activate lower limb muscles and mobilize lower limb joints.

Bodybuilding machines

Under therapist's supervision, the clients strengthen the flaccid muscles of selected muscle groups. The principal aim of the therapy is to strengthen flaccid muscles, increase muscle strength, maintain and enhance mobility.

Group swimming pool medical exercise

The popular and efficient exercise takes place in the swimming pool in small groups. It utilizes the fact that many exercises are easier in water and the water also helps to mobilize all body muscles and joints. The exercise takes place in a warm swimming pool that is only 130 cm deep and is also aimed for non-swimmers. The swimming pool is equipped with underwater massage nozzles and a water massage bench to relax the muscles after the exercise. The class is led by a therapist.

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