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Ayurvedic Massages


This is one of the most effective relaxation techniques, it eliminates stress and nervous strain, treats migraines and headaches, improves concentration and memory and thanks to stimulation of brain centres it rejuvenates and slows down the mental aging. The massage technique is 5,000 years old. During the massage, about 4-5 litres of ayurvedic oil is used.


This deep relaxation and regeneration massage is considered by Aurveda to be one of the key factors of longevity. It is based on individual grips and moves as long as to the finger tips. The massage eliminates nervousness and irritation, degrades stress toxins and improves the quality of sleep. During the massage, up to one litre of ayurvedic oil is used which is partly absorbed by the skin and partly caught in the maize flour which is used for final peeling at the end.

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