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Cosmetic Treatment

ReVersive BABOR

ReVersive® BABOR is a unique anti-aging treatment with a reliable and immediate effect. The treatment combines AHA peeling with a newly created Re-Youth Complex containing highly active substances which will virtually pump up your skin and thus show visible changes during a single treatment.

HSR BABOR luxurious lifting treatment

High Skin Refiner Lifting is a facial treatment designed specially to improve the skin resistance against aging. HSR® uses a large amount of innovative complexes for skin strengthening, brightening and lifting. The skin is stronger and fuller, which helps the face regain its youthful contours.

Cosmetic treatment with a BABOR collagen mask

This is a vitalising cosmetic treatment complemented with an effecting collagen mask. The mask will provide the skin with the missing material and helps to fill in the small lines and wrinkles. After the treatment your skin looks absolutely fresh and glowing. You will feel pleasant tension and you will be surprised how soft and smooth your skin will be.

Cosmetic treatment with a BABOR facial massage

According to the latest research, the beauty of your skin is not determined only by the genetic predispositions. It is only up to you how you care for your skin and how you manage to keep it youthful. After gentle and effective skin cleansing we perform a stimulation facial massage which restores the skin tonus. The treatment mask will be chosen according to your type of skin and finally your skin will be treated with a selected cream.

Dr. BABOR rejuvenating treatment

This is a very pleasant treatment with visible results. We will treat your skin with light peeling combining glycolic and lactic acids. This chemical peeling will remove dead skin cells and start up the cell regeneration process. After the treatment your skin is smoother, brighter and softer.

Vita Balance - Oxygen BABOR

This is an intensive hydration treatment. An ideal procedure is restructuring of skin from inside and thus preventing premature skin aging. The Vita Balance treatment uses the pure oxygen energy and ingredients which hydrate the skin and smooth the wrinkles at the same time. Your skin is softer, brighter and hydrated.

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