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Cosmetic Wraps

BABOR lifting treatment on the waterbed

The treatment is performed on the cosmetic SOFTPACK waterbed with controllable temperature and positioning bottom.
Tropical lifting substances are applied to the skin of the whole body. The material is gently massaged into the skin and floating and suitable temperature will ensure ideal absorption of the complex of strengthening substances.

Regeneration wrap

The treatment is performed on SOFTPACK cosmetic waterbed with temperature regulation and adjustable bottom. It is a regeneration body treatment using products with softening and brightening effects. The wrap will promote the blood circulation in the skin, hydrate and cleanse it. Thanks to floating and ideal temperature, not only the skin but also the whole body is regenerated. The SOFTPACK wrap is an excellent choice if you are in stress and strain. Regeneration wraps use quality natural ingredients, such as live yoghurt cultures or virgin olive oil.

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